Asset Management

Rainier Pacific's management team creates value in real estate through strategic and timely actions that position properties for success. Our primary goal is to improve the value of managed assets by maximizing the efficiency and performance of your real estate asset. We provide a range of property management services, including: Accounting and Budgeting, Lease Administration/Negotiation/Risk Analysis, Construction Management, Lender/Loan Coordination, Financial Reporting, Cash Flow Analysis, CAM Reconciliation, Property Reporting, Tenant Management and Tax Appeals.  

In addition to our management services, we also provide exceptional care to the physical conditions of the properties. We hire trusted and reliable vendors for daily maintenance, as well as for scheduled quarterly and annual improvements. Our in-house building engineer is easily accessible and coordinates any facility maintenance needs at your request.  Combined with all of the above, the foundation of management thrives on satisfied Tenants, which is the fundamental purpose of Rainier Pacific.



At Rainier Pacific, we have a wide variety of knowledge and experience in providing leasing and sales transactions both large and small.  We strategically assess each potential transaction, and maximize leverage to navigate all parties involved towards a successful agreement. 



Rainier Pacific manages all asset types through the financial and life cycle decisions properties encounter.  Whether the decisions are leasing, financing, sale/hold analysis, buy/lease analysis, a distressed asset, capital improvement, foreclosures or other asset management related inquiry, we are experienced to navigate an investor towards financial success with their property.


Construction Services

Rainier Pacific manages and oversees construction services/tenant improvement projects of all sizes. Our strong relationships with our long term vendors ensure that our projects are completed in a timely manner as well as within budget. Our building engineer team has a wealth of experience in building construction of all types. We assess and discuss each project detail with our trusted vendors to find the correct and most effective solution to all items. 



We strive to target properties that have redevelopment opportunities in the future.  Within our portfolio, we find that forecasting out 5-10+ years with existing cash flow is a recipe for success.  We strategically partner with other developers, equity partners, architects, contractors, and consultants to maximize the highest and best use on properties.  Our goal is that we will contribute projects that will be financially sound, yet focus on enriching and enhancing the local community.